We may have said this multiple times : electronic music is a music genre that can take us to parallel worlds, by the simple use of sound variations punctuated by kicks and snares. Each artist thus makes us enter their universe, their artistic bubble that way ; Oeagrus, however, makes us discover two of them on his first maxi entitled “Unseen / Shaman”. While he first began to play music on the piano in order to then become a classical musician, his love for electronic music has never really wandered away from him, an artistic love with which he reconnects on this very first release of his. Let’s dive deep in the Polish artist’s world below !

Oeagrus opens the door of his secret garden on this maxi, and he starts with “Unseen”. We are welcomed first by aerial vocalizations ; it is then by playing with what house and electronica have accustomed us to that Oeagrus makes us dive deep into the abyss of a world as cold as it is sunny. Then, while dry and metallic percussions play in the background and give the track its main structure, the listener is quickly hypnotized by the cavernous voice which keeps repeating the mysterious sentence : “they don’t see”.

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After listening to the mysterious track that is “Unseen”, we get to listen to “Shaman”. The track is darker, not to say more on the chaotic side than the previous track – as we should have guessed it while reading the name of the track – and it reveals the downtempo side of Oeagrus’ artistic realm ; “Shaman” is also built around vocalizations and percussions, however, it is both slower and more mystical than its predecessor. Therefore, as the track develops, we are taken above dark valleys and canyons lit by moonlight, a journey from which leaves us with a head filled with daydreams !

The maxi “Unseen / Shaman” was released on July 30th, so we will have to wait a few more weeks before hearing more from Oeagrus. Let’s keep an eye out !

Oeagrus Unseen Shaman

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Oeagrus is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow him on Instagram !

– disclaimer : découvert via MusoSoup #SustainableCurator.

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