It’s in the middle of the summer that Bonnie Banane has decided to come back with a bang and release an entirely new EP. Lots of people have gathered around her music when she released her album “Sexy Planet” in the midst of a pandemic, and it was and still is acclaimed by both the press and an international audience ; today, the protégée of the renowned French management agency Grand Musique Management (which also represents Lomepal, Superpoze or Molécule to only name a few) takes a big U turn and leaves behind her the experimental pop realm to dive deep in the oceans of drum’n’bass and jungle. By being both emotional and highly energetic, Bonnie Banane’s repertoire is wide and yet her musical signature is still there – let’s dive into the three new tracks she unveiled on July 21st.

You may not notice it right away, but the enigmatic names that the artist has chosen to give to her three new tracks are actually acronyms. The first one, which is the track that made us all realize we were in for an entirely new musical experience from Bonnie Banane, is named “CDH” and actually means “Comme D’Habitude”, or “As Usual” in English. Whether it was inspired or not by the original song by Claude François, the few lyrics of “CDH” are being repeated over and over like mantras, in an attempt to shatter the belief that chaos rules our world. “Nothing happens by accident”, “we will no longer go dancing or singing these classics”, says Bonnie Banane in French ; do these lyrics have to be read as a prophecy ?

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After “CDH” we get to listen to “CDA”, an acronym this time for “Coeur D’Artichaut”, a French expression that would roughly translate to “Vulnerable Heart”. “CDH”, while bringing a new musical style to Bonnie Banane’s discography, shows that her sensible and emotional mind is still to be found in her lyrics, and it blends in wonderfully with a beat that we generally associate with darkly lit venues where syncopated music reigns supreme. Her voice is angelic on this track, and it even mingles with a bit of autotune, an artistic choice we gladly accept given how well it conveys the emotions of the song.

“J’veux voir que des gens à l’aise
En dehors, en dedans
Qui refusent pas les perches qu’on leur tend”
ALA – Bonnie Banane

Finally, this mini-EP ends with “ALA”, a third acronym which this time means “À L’Aise”, French for “Being comfortable”. It is definitely the most drum’n’bass track of this triptych, and it almost casts a liberating spell on its listener ; “ALA” pays tribute to letting go, as Bonnie Banane encourages everyone to let their rawest Self shine and to be authentic, both on the dancefloor and in our everyday life. “S.O.S” is overall an artistic prowess that makes you seriously want to know what is coming next !

Bonnie Banane is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

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