Describing Museau’s project as part of the experimental pop genre would be an understatement ; saying that her music falls under French pop, underground house music or somewhat of an animalistic experimentation would not cover the breadth of her artistic vision. To be found between what Yelle and Agar Agar do, among others, the eclectic yet incredibly coherent Museau releases, several years after the release of her very first single, a highly anticipated debut album called “Royal Câlin” ; few projects cover the full spectrum of an artist’s artistic abilities, yet Museau’s is one of them. Museau offers a carefully crafted universe, juggling between French and English, finesse and bestiality, and conquering any listener who crosses her path. Listen below.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk, on public transport, on the road at night, or lying in bed, listening to “Royal Câlin” will always be under the best possible conditions.

From the introduction, her musical universe takes shape ; it is especially after listening to a track that has been played repeatedly over time that one begins to discover the full extent of the sonic universe she has been working on and weaving for years – with “Under The Gun” featuring an artist named Christine, Museau reinvents in her own way the boundaries of a languorous and electric pop. And this universe manifests itself in a thousand different ways ; listening to “So Far Away” and then to “Rodeo” back to back is like looking through a kaleidoscope in which indie pop, house, and hyperpop have been skillfully arranged, all in slow motion.

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And Museau keeps going on her journey, having us walk on a tightrope – blindfolding her audience, she is capable, in “Sneezing Reverse”, of working an experimental house that is heavily reminiscent of Machine Woman’s early debuts, while taking us on an experimental pop bath with a voice as tortured as it is melancholic in the following track, called “La Horde” (“The Herd”, in French). And even when listening to her instrumental tracks, you can still recognize her unique style ; in this work, the idea of an album, which had almost lost its meaning due to the constant flow of singles and EPs being released every week, is fully restored.

“Entourée par la horde,
Qui grogne le plus fort ?”
– Museau – La Horde

“Royal Câlin” is an artistic object that proves to be, without a shred of a doubt, a tour de force that takes us through opposite soundscapes without ever losing us. Even when it contains canine ASMR from a parallel dimension.

We’ll leave you with the live session of “Ride On”, filmed with the Rouen-based reSET crew that we talked about a few months ago!

About reSET : Two artists, an odd location and a live performance : discover reSET, the French livestream initiative creating unique live experiences

Museau is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

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