Hauméa is a distant planet located at the very rear end of our solar system, further away than any giant planet you know of. Incredibly bright, it catches one’s attention ; incredibly far, it is barely noticed… or is it ? This planet, excuse the unexpected metaphor, is just like a young artist trying to make their way in the wide landscape that the music industry is. Vast, hard to reach, and often so complex for such a young artist, it is unsettling ; their burning passion is what will make them shine though.


Born from the strong will to cast a light on those emerging artists, hauméa represent at its own humble scale the large spheres of the electronic and alternative sides of the music industry, whether the artists are based in France or abroad. Therefore, to give them the best exposure possible, hauméa is bilingual, and is translated in both English and French, in order to reach the greatest amount of people.

And since simple written overviews are not enough to provide good exposure for an artist, hauméa is also available as a Spotify profile, a streaming service widely recognized for its diversity when it comes to playlists, as a mobile app in order to promote all newly discovered artists directly to its readers, and on Instagram, as some people may say, where all of its new discoveries are shared.

hauméa has been founded and created by Cloé Gruhier. Music web writer for several years, she used to write for the French digital magazine Beyeah for two years, and for the multi-cultural digital magazine Le Beau Bug (The Beautiful Bug) for over four years, as well as being chief editor of the latter. During those years, alongside various experiences in record labels and publishing companies, she also founded her own company – Proxima Centauri – in order to provide writing services for artists, writing mostly biographies and press kits, and PR, graphic design, digital content creation as well as consulting services for artists and labels.


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