Can we combine discipline and impertinence? Answering this question would most probably turn into an essay… and this very essay can be found in the latest EP of the duo Ojos, a duo that has been making waves in France and around the world these past few years. Having an amazing presence both in the studio and on stage, Ojos is entering its adolescent and rebellious era after a pop-focused first EP. This time, with “Discipline :’),” they provide us with six raw electro-infused tracks, filled with autotuned sounds and sharp rhythms. Lyrics-wise, it’s a whirlwind of Franco-Spanish sung-but-spoken vocals that push us on the path of radical honesty, a path on which we march for social rebellion. Listen below!

From the very first seconds, Ojos doesn’t hold back. Adrenaline-fueled productions, Franco-Spanish singing and rapping, the duo unleashes anthem after anthem of interpersonal discipline intertwined with social frustration, starting with the denunciation of various behaviors and social dangers in “Peligrosa”.

“J’fais jamais ce qu’on veut de moi mais, // I never do what people expect of me
Ça c’est presque un secret // But that’s basically a secret”
– Ojos – Presque un secret

Next, we delve into a more personal realm with “Presque un secret”, (which could be translated as “Basically a secret”) a track with lyrics that describe the nonchalant confessions of a person who accepts their flaws and embraces themselves as they are, a fiery yet sensible subject that is being tackled both in French and Spanish on an electro-urban melody. While the first track was an anthem for discipline and respect towards others, this one is have an anthem for vulnerability and self-acceptance… a form of self-discipline, ultimately.

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The climax of the war they’ve started against this “sink or swim” society is reached with “Le plus fort”, a track with a dark melody and a pounding rhythm that tells of this silent, almost unbeknownst fight against the rules that plays out daily inside our heads. A truly addictive track; the duo delivers punchline after punchline, having us question the way society quickly waves the flag of “PC culture” as soon as the slightest criticism arise.

“Ah ça, tu parles fort, // Yeah, you do speak loud
C’est bien ça la recette du moindre effort // That’s the recipe for minimal effort”
– Ojos – Le plus fort

And while the tension gets lighter in the following tracks, making room for all the emotions we deny (“Moindre paradis”, “La mort et ses amis”), with “Discipline :’)”, Ojos implores us to face our own dark sides and the dark sides of others, in order to both befriend and outsmart them. It is an artistic tour de force that boldly claims the experiences and feelings of the millennials & gen-Z generations.

And if you weren’t familiar with Ojos before, we leave you with the miniseries the duo filmed to introduce the world of their first EP, “Volcans”.

Ojos is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow them on Instagram !

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