Want to submit your music to us ? Here are three ways to do so !


MusoSoup is an English platform that allows you to get in touch with all of the influencers on the platform at once. If these influencers are interested in your music : they will get back to you within the 45 days of your promo campaign.

By using the link below, your music reaches us directly in our referrals ; if we do not get back to you, do not worry, because more than 250 influencers will receive your music at the same time as us and might as well contact you for a feature on their website !

Click here to send us your music through MusoSoup !


Groover is a self-promotion platform that allows you to get in touch with a large number of influencers from the international music industry and that tries its best to guarantee you a feedback from them, and you get to choose who you send your music to.

On top of that, you are campaigning for 7 days, which guarantees you an answer from these influencers within the week !

Use the code HAUMEAGROOVIP to save 10% on your first campaign!

Still a bit unsure about what MusoSoup and Groover are ?
We’ve got you covered !

You can also, if you prefer, send us your music via e-mail. Please note that we receive a lot of them (several hundred per week) and that it is not guaranteed that you will receive an answer from us. We try to listen to as many music suggestions as possible, but it is impossible for us to listen to everything that are sent our way.