It won’t happen often, finding artists that make us feel close to them from the moment we stumble upon their music. But Thérèse is one of them ; her heightened sense of self and a strong desire to share her life experiences with her community will make you instantly want to follow her journey. Whether you’ve been listening to her tracks on streaming platforms or following her on Instagram since her debut in 2020, you know her as someone who isn’t afraid to speak up about her fears and social beliefs ; a year after the release of her first EP “Rêvalité”, the free spirit that she is comes back with “Jealous”, a new single with an electro-club pop feel & that deals with a rarely discussed topic in music : that of social jealousy. Listen to it below !

“I’m jealous, of this girl staring at me
Wait, it’s a mirror can’t you see ?”
– Thérèse – “Jealous”

While we’ve heard Thérèse explore different types of musical realms, we had not yet had the opportunity to discover her in such an energetic register. Starting off on an electro-club, upbeat melody – produced by Adam Carpels, who’s been working with her since her early beginnings – Thérèse tells of the various situations in which jealousy takes over her inner monologue.

Whether it is someone leaning on the balcony of a luxury hotel, a woman doing yoga on the beach or even the countless accounts that populate her Instagram feed, Thérèse will get jealous… up to the point that she becomes jealous of someone who is none other than her own reflection in the mirror. Her lyrics make the song intimate while still being cut for late nights on the dancefloor ; “Jealous” is a testimony that aims to fight against a social practice that we should all get rid of, which is to compare yourself to others.

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On the music video’s side, it is in an empty & dark room that we see Thérèse overcome her anxieties. We see her walk in this disproportionately big room, the absence of light recalling her darkest fears, but she faces with confidence nonetheless. This setting is a beautiful way to highlight the introspection process in one’s brain, a process that almost clashes with the high-fashion outfits they wear – which come from Thérèse’s talent for fashion styling, her other job – and which seem to underline her desire to shine bright no matter what thought process is trying to bring her down. This new release makes us want to know what the second chapter of Thérèse’s discography will be made of !

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Thérèse is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

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