We have all seen it happen these past few years : all music genres are being torn apart and remodeled by artists from the younger generations, and the German artist Philomena is part of this ever growing talent pool that is currently reshaping the music industry. By bending the pre-established norms of electronic and alternative music, and by voluntarily erasing the boundaries that may exist between certain music genres, it is safe to say that Philomena is a perfectionist and she decides to aim high. Moreover, in addition to offering her audience fresh avant-garde music, she tells them how she sees the world, allowing us & them to see through her eyes how she sees the society we live in. As you may have understood, her first single “Wildfires” is to be listened to as soon as possible ! Discover it below.

“There are wildfires
No, I can’t control them all”
– Wildfires – Philomena

By starting with anxiety-inducing harmonics which gradually give way to dynamic house rhythms, Philomena’s “Wildfires” might seem, at first glance, to be a dark house track made to make people dance under the moonlight. However, as you get to carefully listen to Philomena’s lyrics, the track takes on a whole new meaning. The artist speaks, as the name of the track suggests, about wildfires ; at first, she insists on how uncontrollable they are, and how powerless that makes her feel… until an unexpected switch happens : she decides to tell everybody to dance instead of finding a way to stop them.

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If this is shocking to hear at first, it nevertheless portrays the behavior of a large part of humanity, as lots of humans do not try to prevent them from occurring. Without being a political track – after all, these “wildfires” could also be used as a metaphor for another much larger subject, like the ongoing social problems the world is facing – Philomena brings up some strong subjects in her single : the more we get to hear from the track, the more she tells of some of the social pressures she experiences (as we all do), such as the pressure to do well in life, thus contrasting even more with her asking to let go. This track is a powerful track that definitely makes us want to listen to more of Philomena !

Philomena is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

– discovered through Groover.

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