Today we want to showcase pop music and its varieties, pop music that is inspired by alternative, lo-fi or even indie music, and that is brought together by 80′ influences. It’s a general trend that we have been observing for a few months now. Producers go back to using the synth lines of the disco years, and add to their music this nostalgic impulse that makes us want to plunge into old vintage shelves filled with vinyls.

This playlist will undoubtedly bring together more than a generation. You will find in this tracklist French electro pop figures such as the duo Vidéoclub or the quintet L’Impératrice, “newcomers” such as Gabriel or EPHESE, as well as hidden gems such as “coeur léger” from Deucette. This playlist is to be put on repeat for sure, and you are lucky it is not on tape, so there is no risk of loosing sound quality after listening!

Tracklist :

  1. coeur léger – Deucette
  2. Encore un peu – Muddy Monk
  3. Daydreams – Easy Life
  4. Lonely Nights – LEISURE
  5. Fracture – Timsters
  6. I Wanna Ahah! – Gabriel
  7. Enfance 80 – Vidéoclub
  8. Fais comme si – Yan Wagner
  9. Voodoo? – L’Impératrice
  10. Hidden Desires – EPHESE

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About the Author: Cloé Gruhier

As a music web writer for several years, I have developed a particularly devoted passion for electronic and alternative musics. From the ethereal melodies of Max Cooper to the introspective music and lyrics of Banks, my radar has me listening to the wide French and international independent music scene... all of this between communication plans for independent labels and artists !

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