Infused with ambient and electronic music, the playlist we have tailored is full of gems. Whether they respond to the codes of downtempo or electronica, the contemplative music lovers, those who like their music to be introspective and particularly visual will find what they are looking for in this one.

We are blessed by the genie of the French producer and French based Rone, the technical prowesses of young French producers thems, Texture Droite and Didacte, not to mention the pioneers that we know of today. We all know that Tricky is to trip hop what Brian Eno is to ambient music !

A playlist be consumed between two business e-mails or by the end of the night, right before falling to sleep.

Tracklist :

  1. Ginkgo Biloba – Rone
  2. Nuits – thems
  3. Sleep Spindles – Luo
  4. Full Speed On The Wrong Lane – Texture Droite
  5. Hysope – Arandel
  6. Parting Ways – Max Cooper feat. Six Sigma
  7. M – Tricky
  8. Celeste – Roger Eno & Brian Eno
  9. Une – Didacte
  10. Roscian – Agnes Obel
  11. First Defeat – Nils Frahm

This playlist is also to be found on SoundCloud.

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About the Author: Cloé Gruhier

As a music web writer for several years, I have developed a particularly devoted passion for electronic and alternative musics. From the ethereal melodies of Max Cooper to the introspective music and lyrics of Banks, my radar has me listening to the wide French and international independent music scene... all of this between communication plans for independent labels and artists !

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