With a voice so easily recognizable and with a modern take on soul music, Victor Solf impresses us each time he releases a song. He often talks about poignant subjects in his music, and this single release is no exception to the rule ; the feeling of not belonging, a feeling sadly felt by many people around the world, is the theme of the thoughtfully named single “I Don’t Fit”. The song has just been released with a powerful and meaningful music video that you can watch below !

“It feels like an earthquake, can you feel my heart break ?”
— I Don’t Fit – Victor Solf

The song is led by a piano that is as rhythmic as it is hypnotic. This unique melody allows Victor Solf to express himself in a gentle, calm, introspective way, a way that reflects a mixed feeling of sadness and anger ; a peculiar emotion that goes along with feeling out of place. This emotion is translated in the music video through a metaphor, which, although is transcribed in a very aesthetic way, actually turns out to be quite dark and that could be understood in two different ways. A few seconds after the video started, we notice Victor Solf sitting in a car that is being hit at an extreme speed by another one ; should we analyze this scene as being the representation of suicide ? Or on the contrary, does this depict what will make him stop feeling like he doesn’t fit ? A question answered at the end of the video.

“I Don’t Fit” is the first single of an upcoming album that should come out sometime in 2021, and we are already looking forward to hearing it !

I Don't Fit Victor Solf Universal Music France Her

Victor Solf is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow him on Instagram !

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