The proverb says that “alone, I am faster ; together, we go further”. This adage has been entirely adopted by the founders of SUPERCLUB, a record company that brings together the labels Dowse, BLUE SCREEN_ and Sans Huile de Palme, three French labels that support emerging and established artists from the wide rap and electronic music scenes. The managers of these three labels, – Sans Huile de Palme being managed by Léonard Lambert and Dowse & BLUE SCREEN_ by Clément Rueda – they are longtime friends, and they have decided to put their strengths together in order to create a more powerful parent company, while maintaining the identities of their respective labels.

We’ve asked them a few questions in order to understand their approach and what gave them the idea, the will to build this superstructure.

– a playlist that gathers all of BLUE SCREEN_, Dowse et Sans Huile de Palme’s artists’ releases.

1. Can you tell us in a few words what SUPERCLUB is ?
SUPERCLUB is a new independent record company that brings together our labels Dowse, Sans Huile de Palme, BLUE SCREEN_ and all of our artists.

2. Where did the idea to build a superstructure like this come from ?
We have known each other for several years and we have each worked on our own to develop our labels and artists in total independence. At the beginning of 2020, we wanted to join forces for a new adventure, to create something bigger, together. The whole issue was to be able to gather our strengths, everyone’s experiences and expertise while being able to maintain the artistic direction of our respective labels. It is out of this desire to bring people together that SUPERCLUB was born.

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3. What are the main services you offer ?
SUPERCLUB, through its labels, aims to support artists in their development and career management. Whether it is on the management aspect, production, publishing or promotion that they need help, the goal is to enhance each project with an artistic direction and identity, with a tailor-made strategy, all in close collaboration with the artist. Subsequently, we will further develop the digital aspect of SUPERCLUB and are already thinking about innovative solutions, but it is too early to talk about it.

4. Is SUPERCLUB only open to your artists or are you also looking for new talents ?
Obviously, we are always looking for artists to collaborate with, and that’s the whole point of SUPERCLUB. This will allow us to sign new talents while remaining close to our artists and focus on their projects through our respective labels.

5. And what will be your first release ?
For now, nothing has yet been defined regarding SUPERCLUB, but releases are expected on our various labels in the upcoming months. You will know more very quickly on the website and social media of SUPERCLUB …

You can follow SUPERCLUB on their website, on Instagram as well as on Spotify and Deezer !

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