We’ve talked about them a few weeks ago : Tencent, the company that owns most Chinese streaming services, has decided to conquer the music data & music tech fields. After the launch earlier in April of One Click for All, a DIY distribution service that allows artists to upload their music catalog on streaming platforms, Tencent Music Entertainment (subsidiary of Tencent) has launched TME Business Intelligence for Artists, affirming its desire to become a renowned figure of the data side of the music industry. Let’s dive in.

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When artists upload their music on streaming platforms, it is heavily recommended for them, both by their label and by the community of artists around him, to claim their artist’s page on Spotify for Artists in order to access the data the platform has been gathering & compiling for them. Having become a key tool for the development of artistic careers and for labels, these digital softwares have also been developed & implemented by Deezer or Apple Music ; seeing that Tencent Music has launched its own data analysis platform for artists shows how the streaming era is far from being dead yet.

“With a catalog of tens of millions of tracks, TME BI for Artists updates data 150 times a day by data mining across multiple platforms. Featuring various modules, including data overview, artist overview, song performance, and digital album analysis, it illustrates all the key information needed for labels to track the performance of works under copyright ownership. It also allows artists to understand their listeners, and helps content creators to capture music industry trends and user preferences, equipping music professionals with a better understanding of the business value behind the data.” – excerpt taken from Tencent’s press release

The platform recently unveiled by Tencent Music Entertainment is very similar to what Spotify for Artists has been offering for years, except that its engine “mines” (gathers, compile and analyze) data from several streaming platforms and not just one. There are many similarities between the two services : both give you the ability to analyze the number of streams per song and per album as well as the profile of your audience, two key tools that are widely used by labels & artists to adjust their development strategy. Tencent Music offers with TME Business Intelligence artists & labels all the data necessary for a good understanding of the digital influence of a musical project.

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Among the world’s music streaming platforms, Tencent owns QQ Music – which is based, like Spotify, on a freemium business model – but also KuGou, Kuwo, and the online karaoke service named WeSing. The company is now looking to take market shares elsewhere in the music industry : with the launch of One Click for All and of TME Business Intelligence for Artists, Tencent is taking over the music data market for good.

More information to be found on Tencent’s website. You can also follow them on Instagram !

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