Ophelia’s Eden was born to make music, and you cannot deny it. She is a multi-instrumentalist, she is influenced by many figures ranging from Quincy Jones to Massive Attack, and by several musical genres ranging from jazz to blues ; her music background as well as her own experiences result in a music that fuses various genres together, while translating personal lived memories into music and lyrics. Her latest single, entitled “Honeymoon”, was released last month ; this single goes deep and describes the emotions felt by two people that happen to nurture a passion for each other, however ephemeral. Listen to her track below !

By combining references to soul music, jazz or even trip-hop, Ophelia’s Eden slowly brings her audience into her world, and she does so by unveiling her music world in a long introduction that lasts for nearly a minute. Her voice, bewitching, is to be heard in the background at first, letting the synths and the drums express themselves before her. Then, little by little, we hear that she is getting closer to us, only to then declaim loudly and with passion the feelings that one feels when a romantic relationship is about to form ; this sudden effervescence, she compares it to a honeymoon.

Composed after an intense episode of creative inspiration, “Honeymoon” describes the beginning of a romantic relationship, the birth of an almost overwhelming connection that suddenly becomes intimate, as well as the artistic creativity that sometimes comes to artists in waves. In a sense, she describes in a deep metaphor the relationship an artist might have with their art.

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And if you want to listen to more of Ophelia’s Eden’s music, we leave you with her previous single, which also turns out to be her first release. Less languid but bolder than “Honeymoon”, it is also more minimalist than the latter and lets her voice explode, showcasing every aspect of its singularity. “Red Eyes” is guaranteed thrills ; we will keep an eye out for her next releases, as she might release a mixtape by the end of the year !

Ophelia’s Eden is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

– disclaimer : discovered through MusoSoup #SustainableCurator.

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