The piano : one of the instrument that you’ll almost always find in any emotional song. That being said, once it is coupled with violins and an ethereal, slightly electronic production… we get to reach new sensitive heights, where the universe of Noralyn is to be found. Her music is not too far behind that of the great Agnes Obel ; the Australian artist impresses us by her vocal skills, but also how easy it seems for her to convey within her words the clear translation of her emotions, of her person, of her psyche. Her latest single, named “One Of The Few”, hooks its listeners with the power of its fragility and its emotions so strong that they become almost tangible. Get ready to immerse yourself in Noralyn’s emotions !

“But like a turtle in its shell
I don’t care for feeling vulnerable”
– Noralyn – One Of The Few

From the very beginning of the song, the piano is dreamlike, ethereal, almost enchanted ; Noralyn’s voice, with a vibrato so singular and fragile, only accentuates this primary feeling. When all the melodic elements and aspects of her voice have been acknowledged by the listener, it is naturally on the lyrics of the song that we then pay attention to. The lyrics gently declaim what turns out to be a hymn to self-confidence, to authenticity, and to putting aside what others might think of one’s behavior and personality. By being ambivalent, the track turns out to be as fragile as it is powerful ; its melody fills us with emotions while its message makes us grow, internally, thanks to its lyrical inner monologue that resonates in us.

Similar to Noralyn : Listening to “Nothing I Have” by Brendan Cope, a calming alternative pop track whose lyrics are the result of dialogues with his inner self.

Then, as the song unfolds, the melody, the instruments get more and more powerful, amplifying the initial message not by giving it more fragility, but strength ; the switch up that Noralyn operates reaches with delight the ears & hearts of those who are eager for raw emotions.

And if you want to listen to more of Noralyn’s art, we recommend you to listen to her previous single, entitled “Education”. Carried by playful piano tunes, her voice on “Education” is more present, more assertive ; it is not easy to be able to master such a change of tone and universe, thus yet she did so beautifully, allowing us to see the lesser vulnerable part of the artist. This will keep us waiting for the album that will be released by the end of the year !

Noralys is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

– disclaimer : discovered through MusoSoup #SustainableCurator

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