If we mention the words “dream pop” to you, you will certainly think of a luminous kind of pop, that talks about soft and romantic themes. However, if we say the words “dark pop”, you will probably visualize a much darker kind of music, one that is more mental, filled with harsher themes and sometimes existential questions. Well, Nebno, on her side, brings together the best of both worlds in her latest single called “Eyote”, which released on May 28th. If the young Swiss artist is mainly known for her electro-organic & ambient soundscape works, she takes a step aside from this relaxing musical genre to instead focus on a darker type of music, and to tell a story with folklore and cultural references. We recommend you to get yourself comfortable and to put some headphones on to enjoy this song, because nothing compares to such a musical experience !

“Eyote”: a traditional surname which means, to the native American people, “the one who is great”. With a name like, you can already start visualizing the scene where the story that Nebno is about to tell is taking place ; we can easily see with our eyes closed a character preparing themselves to cross a windy forest or a raging sea, in which the wind carries words for them to have the strength to go on such a journey. “Eyote” is mystical, and it surprises and bewitches its listener in the most magical way.

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The outlines of the dark world that Nebno describes in this track are drawn from the very beginning : some anonymous voices are heard close to us ; by being deep and cavernous, these vocalizations and their peculiar tones alone are the sole element that form the first part of the track’s melody. Nebno’s voice, in the meantime, comes into play after just a few of these vocalizations. Her voice is crystal clear ; it arises, describing a character in such an unreal, eerie way that it seems to have mythological qualities.

“You’re like the wind,
Throwing me all around
Cold, in the ocean
Out of control”
– Nebno – Eyote

Then, after a while, the entire track shifts : after Nebno has asked the creature to come forward, and more particularly when she has pronounced its name – Eyote – the melody suddenly intensifies, darkens, deepens : a minimalist organic melody comes to life after a few of the artist’s incantations.

Nebno Eyote

In short, Nebno could not have shown us in a better way the darker part of her universe – we strongly recommend you to listen to her track “Unique” to discover the bright and ambient side of her musical project !

Nebno is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

– disclaimer : discovered through MusoSoup #SustainableCurator

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