The French music scene, a scene that we keep a very close eye on. Today’s curated music selection will certainly put a smile on your face as you listen to these hidden gems from emerging groups ; some of these tracks are the bands’ first ever release ! Our playlist is very progressive. It begins with the sweetness of Nicolaaas, Itonas and Komorebi’s ballads ; it then gets a bit more joyful and upbeat with “Fleurs”, a track taken from the first EP of the duo Ani who just made its debut on the French pop scene. Then it is “Transforme” which moves us, a sensitive yet strong song with a message, telling with subtlety the transition of the singer’s sister. Little by little, the track get more and more uplifting and rhythmic as we end up on “Noir” from Yelle, a haute couture song that first her perfectly !

Tracklist :

  1. Aurore – Nicolaaas
  2. L’hiver – Itonas
  3. Domino Tatami – Ioio
  4. Voorpret – Komorebi
  5. Fleurs – Ani
  6. Transforme – Météo Mirage
  7. Les Souterrains – Brume Parole
  8. Pierrot & Colombine – Rainbow Sahana
  9. Hématome – L’Impératrice
  10. Attends demain – Andéol
  11. Malad(i)llness – Flore
  12. Noir – Yelle

More playlists available on our Spotify account. If you enjoyed listening to this playlist, we recommend you to listen to our  “French Pop” playlist that we regularly update with new fresh finds !

– some tracks have been discovered through Groover.

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About the Author: Cloé Gruhier

As a music web writer for several years, I have developed a particularly devoted passion for electronic and alternative musics. From the ethereal melodies of Max Cooper to the introspective music and lyrics of Banks, my radar has me listening to the wide French and international independent music scene... all of this between communication plans for independent labels and artists !

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