Music experiments, love and its unexpected disappointments… we are used to these subjects, as we get to hear them in our favorite songs. They may seem simplistic because they have been analyzed in music since the dawn of time, but it is not the case on Ela Ira’s second single. Entitled “Singular”, it depicts the negative impact of a romantic relationship with a narcissistic person, and she does so by introducing us to new aspects of electronic and alternative pop ; Ela Ira is revolutionizing in her own way the foundations laid by artists like Banks, Grimes, Lana Del Rey or PVRIS, just to name a few. Let’s listen to “Singular” which was released two weeks ago and whose sounds still haunt us long after our first listen.

If the rhythmic kicks get us hooked from the introduction of the track, it is not what makes us want to listen to the rest of it. It is actually all about the additional elements that Ela Ira adds to the main melody, and which make her musical signature a terribly hypnotic one. A warm voice follows this intro, and with soulful accents and a singular vibrato, Ela Ira recalls and tells us of a complex lover whose narcissistic personality prevented her from feeling fulfilled ; she comes out of it hurt, and puts her thoughts and emotions into metaphorical lyrics.

“You said I was like a desert rose
Singular and all alone
While you had your fun with me,
I was waiting for your heart to show”

– Ela Ira – Singular

Although “Singular” seems relatively minimalist at first, the more the track progresses, the more the sounds become complex, letting unusual and organic percussions take place. Her voice also becomes more complex ; it overlaps, as if too many thoughts and questions are to be answered at once in her head, as she takes a step back from her situation. The song, however, becomes clearer as it comes to an end, making it a subtle metaphor showing that she got out of this overwhelming and toxic relationship.

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Ela Ira is a multidisciplinary artist. She studied violin in Seattle, USA, and began her musical career writing, initially as a hobby, for various groups such as White Night. Today, she develops a musical signature blurring the lines between R&B, electronic and alternative music, like Banks or Kate Bush would.

Ela Ira is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

– disclaimer : discovered through MusoSoup #SustainableCurator.

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