The Crossroads Festival : a European festival that has been taking place in the North of France for the past six years. It takes place in the city of Roubaix located a few minutes away from Lille, and, as its name suggests, it is a festival that acts as the meeting point between music industry professionals and emerging, often independent music artists. For its 6th edition which will take place from September 7 to 10 in various places in Roubaix, professional meetings focusing on various subjects such as creating support systems for artists and the importance of cultural development will take place during the day ; these meetings will be followed by a grand total of 28 live shows throughout the four nights of the festival. Among the artists that will perform there, there will be Ladaniva, Thérèse or Louisadonna who will represent the French music scene, Samuel Baron or Pierres for the European one, and even Lydsten or Eesah Yasuke who will represent the local scene. Let’s review the upcoming highlights of the festival !

Crossroads Festival Roubaix 6ème édition

Since its very first edition 6 years ago, this music festival has been organized by the Cultural Intervention Brigade which works alongside partners such as the city of Roubaix as well as the Hauts-de-France region, the European Metropolis of Lille or even the Sacem (i.e the equivalent of PRS in the UK or ASCAP in the US). The Crossroads Festival strives to promote artists from its local scene ; by being split into two main events, it allows artists as well as music professionals and spectators to benefit from several days of meetings & conferences to discuss various important subjects as well as to enjoy short live showcases of 30 minutes each at night, during the 4 days of the event.

Crossroads by day : professional meetings in several places of Roubaix.

One of the major highlights of the festival are the professional meetings that are being host over the 4 days of the event. Whether they are workshops, conferences or debates, they will all take place in several venues in the city of Roubaix and will allow personalities, organizations as well as professionals from the music industry to gather in order to discuss several topics & issues. Among the topics that will be mentioned during these 4 days, we find themes such as debates around the measures that have recently been taken to limit the sound volume of clubs & venues, workshops regarding artistic management & support and even a day dedicated to the financial support that the city can grant to emerging artists. Overall, this makes for a well-rounded program that will allow both learning & networking experiences between artists and professionals. We will be giving further information about these meetings after the festival has happened !

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Crossroads by night : 28 artists, 28 live shows of 30 minutes in order to showcase lots of emerging artists & various music genres.

After having brainstormed during the meetings organized during the day, when the night falls – well, more precisely from 6.30 p.m. – nearly 30 artists will perform one after the other on stage to share their music with a newly found live audience. And the Crossroads Festival wouldn’t be a pop music festival if the line up didn’t represent its diversity : rock & pop rock lovers will be able to go see Samuel Baron, Sparkling or even Temps Calme live ; pop fans will be greeted by the performances of The Breakfast Club, Barbara Rivage, Louisadonna or Thérèse, and electronic music fans will have Cheap House, Gargantüa and Lydsten to keep them company.

Are you already eager to know the whole line up ? Are you already scheduling your time at Crossroads ? Then the timetable of the festival is there for you !

Crossroads Festival 2021 - Line-up

And if you already want to get to know the artists that are to be found on this timetable, we heavily recommend you to give the festival’s official playlist a listen. We wish you good music discoveries and a good festival !

More information on Crossroads Festival’s website. Follow them on Instagram to be notified about their updates !

About the Author: Cloé Gruhier

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