The more time passes, the more pop music changes. Pop music can be made in multiple ways and this ever changing music genre never ceases to surprise even the most fellow pop music digger. Among these avant-garde artists & hidden gems, there is Cosette, a young American artist who made her debut in the vast world of independent pop music only a few months ago. Based in Nashville, TN, Cosette has built a synthetic world in which the 80s, millennial references, 8-bit sounds and experimental pop coexist. Moreover, in addition to showcasing gaming culture in her music, Cosette musically references several famous artists such as Tyler, The Creator or even Pharrell Williams, making Cosette’s debut EP an unusual trip that we cannot listen to only once ! “Gameboy” is to be discovered below.

Cosette’s first EP “Gameboy” pays tribute to a culture that was born in the 80s and whose popularity exploded over time : gaming. The gaming references remain however discreet throughout the whole EP ; the first track, “See”, is in fact built around a half-organic, half-electronic instrumentation with 8-bit sounds sprinkled sparsely, letting Cosette vocally express herself in multiple ways.

Cosette’s music sways between the creativity of Billie Eilish and pop and trap sounds, which are largely inspired by artists she looks up to, such as Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean or Kehlani. Her inspirations make for a very interesting mix of sounds : on “First”, she creates a hybrid type of pop music by incorporating 8-bit sounds and elements among others ; on “Sleep”, an acoustic guitar fills the space that surrounds us, and Cosette’s voice suddenly becomes much clearer.

“I don’t know how to go back in time to see what’s wrong, or what was right”
– Cosette – “Weird”

After a few sound glitches and after Cosette’s unique take on rap music on “Again”, we get to listen an acoustic track named “Weird”. Cosette knows how to play with different music genres at the same time, that way she always takes her listener by surprise and show versatility every time. “Weird” is a rather difficult song to listen to, since it talks about meeting an ex-loved one she thought she would never see again. The way the lyrics are written sound like the remainders of a conversation she has had with them, but they could very well be everything she wished she has said during that brief interaction.

Cosette has also released music videos ; you can see her in the music video for “First” – we see her playing games, headphones on her head and a controller in her hands. While being very retro, her music videos also reference the ever evolving millennial culture : her face being showed multiple times on TV screens that she holds in her hands perfectly showcase it. Overall, even in her music videos, the striking contrast between the culture she references makes for a unique take on pop music !

Cosette is to be found on all streaming platforms. You can also follow her on Instagram !

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